Sunday, September 04, 2005

Returns ...

Back now for a few weeks from Litchfield Beach, a spot on the South Carolina coast between Georgetown and Myrtle, where I've vacationed, with various family and friends, for the past sixteen years - ever since Hurricane Hugo blew the house we'd formerly rented at Garden City into the tidal inlet. Some would find it tedious to return to the same territory every year, no doubt, but I enjoy watching the place change in these annual snapshots, and getting to know the country off the beach a little better with each visit. Vive la difference. Not that I don't also enjoy travel to new places ...

Good to be back in the mountains, though, as the summer winds down and the garden goes wild. My son helped me scrape the old paint off the house while he was home during the summer, and I'm at work now replacing old wood when needed and painting it, determined to finish before winter comes on.



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