Friday, December 30, 2005

Drinking Liberally

Met fellow bloggers from BlogAsheville , Edgy Mama, Syntax of Things, Hangover Journal, and probably a few I didn't catch at Jack of the Woods last night. We enjoyed a couple hours of good conversation about politics and, after we resolved that discussion by drafting Felicity of said Hangover Journal as our candidate for Sheriff, local Mexican food. Edgy Mama follows up that discussion.

I see that Felicity has decided to accept the challenge as a step in her "long deferred plan for galactic domination". You go girl!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I've got a new post up over at Eden Hall about Friday's reading at the Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center. We honored Ginsberg's "Howl," and there was, indeed, howling. Check it out.


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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Still Howling at 50

Next Friday, the 16th, as noted below, there's a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Allen Ginsberg's first reading of "Howl" at the Six Gallery in San Francisco, an event that's ramified through our poetry in some interesting ways ever since. There's a new post up at Eden Hall that furnishes some more history of the original reading and the aftermath of Howl's publication; it also provides additional information about what we'll be up to at the Center. If you're in Asheville, come join us for an evening of exuberant poetry.

City Lights, the bookstore that first published Howl and Other Poems, and faced obscenity charges for its trouble, has, naturally, done much to encourage celebrations of this anniversary. Check out its site for a thorough account, and a roster of commemorative events, including ours.

The poster was created for us by the talented Audrey Veres.

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