Tuesday, September 18, 2007

UC Press Sale!

Oops, I just spent all I can for the moment afford in the bookstores of Chapel Hill (and got some great stuff - but more another day), and now the University of California Press is having an online sale. Sale? Yes, really. Like, Ted Berrigan's Collected Poems for $19.95 hardcover, $12.95 paper. I've already got it, and even so I'm tempted. Olson's Selected Poems? $9.95. The O'Hara Collected at the same price.

Fortunately the sale goes through October.

(Would you guess my house is full of books?)


Update: Lolita Guevarra of the UC Press posted this note to the Buffalo Poetics list today:

The Dirt Cheap Online Book Sale begins today!

Over 3,000 of our titles are being sold at dirt cheap prices! Dig
through our vast selection of deeply discounted titles at

In order to obtain the discount price you must either sign up for the
UC Press eNews weekly newsletter or download an RSS feed. To sign up
for the eNews or RSS go to our website at http://www.ucpress.edu and
there you can sign up for either services.


Lolita Guevarra
Electronic Marketing Coordinator
University of California Press

A tip of the hat to Jessica Smith.


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