Friday, October 31, 2008

Wordplay: radio ephemera

Last Sunday I sat down with young poets Abby Wendle and Jenn Dumbrowski. They read some fine work and we shared a great conversation about their visions of poetry, their practice as poets, and a range of other topics (the crowd for a Sarah Palin rally was lining up in front of the Asheville Civic Center next door, and I'm sure we mentioned that). Sadly, as has happened several times before, the automatic archiving system at WPVM broke down, and the show didn't record. Argh. Oh, well. I'll try to get them on again.

The bottom line: the show featuring the musical Lee Ann Brown remains accessible for another week via the Archive page for streaming and podcast.

This coming Sunday's show occurs during WPVM's fall fundraiser, and we'll be pitching along with the rest of the station's volunteers.

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