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Re-Viewing the schedule

Always looking to save you a click! Here's the schedule for Re-Viewing Black Mountain College, underway at UNCA (and other locations, including the old Black Mountain College campus) for the next three days:

Re-Viewing Black Mountain College

Event Schedule - Revised 10/5/09
All presentations except the Friday night reception and the Sunday afternoon BMC tour will take place at UNC Asheville

Admission: $10 per day or $15 for the weekend
UNCA faculty, staff + students free

LOCATION: Highsmith Room 224 Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center – 16 years old and growing

A Discussion on the Activity of BMC Museum + Arts Center

Session Chair: Brian Butler

Connie Bostic (BMCM + AC)

Alice Sebrell (BMCM + AC)

Helen Wykle (UNC-Asheville)

FRIDAY SESSION 2 3:30-4:45 LOCATION: Highsmith Room 224 Educational Legacy

Session Chair: Katie Lee

The Influence of Black Mountain College on Post-Studio Fine Art Programs
Jennifer Rissler (San Francisco Art Institute)
The Influence of Black Mountain College on the China Central Academy of Art Summer Studio Program: Studio, Process and the Context of Location
Stephen Lane (Columbia University and the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing)

A Comparison of BMC and the European Graduate School in Switzerland (Artists in Community)
Sally Atkins (Appalachian State University)

LOCATION: Highsmith Room 223 Women of BMC
Session Chair: Connie Bostic

Hazel Larsen Archer: “Nothing was ever the same again”
Ann Dunn (UNC-Asheville) The Women of Black Mountain College: Searching for Lost Recognition
Melanie Heindl

The Wives of Black Mountain College
Marianne Woods (University of Texas, Permian Basin)

LOCATION: Highsmith Room 221/222 Chance Operations I

Session Chair: Brenda Coates
How to Make an Artist: The Teaching of Josef Albers and Ray Johnson’s Work
Julie Thomson (Coordinator of Public Programs, Whitney Museum of American Art)
Hermeneutic Ontology and the Black Mountain Poets
Nick Boone (Harding University)
Black Mountain College - An Oxford Education?
Siu Challons Lipton (Queens University)

FRIDAY SESSION 3 6:30-9:00
LOCATION: Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center 56 Broadway Asheville, NC 28801

Reception at Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center

6:30 - 8:00 Performance
Motion Sculpture Movement Installation: Attack Of The Killer Stripey Tubes!!!
Claire Elizabeth Barratt (Cilla Vee Life Arts)
8:00 - 8:20 Reading
Readings from Black Mountain Days
Michael Rumaker, BMC alumnus

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10 SATURDAY SESSION ONE 9:00-10:15 LOCATION: Highsmith Room 224 Chance Operations II
Session Chair: Sebastian Matthews

Decoding Black Mountain
Kate Dempsey

From BMC to NYC: A Novice Curator’s Notes on Ray Johnson’s Early Years (and the Influence of Place on His Creative Process)
Sebastian Matthews (BMC Museum + Arts Center)
Teaching Creative Writing and Literature After Olson
Jonas Williams (SUNY, Albany)
LOCATION: Highsmith Room 223 Avant-Garde BMC
Session Chair: Andrea Liu

Lou Harrison: Stranger in a Strange Land
Seamus McNerney (UNC-Asheville)
Black Mountain College and the Paradox of the Avant-Garde
Willoughby Parker (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) Black Mountain College: America’s Last Avant-Garde?
Kenneth Surin (Duke)

LOCATION: Highsmith Room 221/222 Chance Operations III
BMC and Designing Higher Education in the Arts
Frank Hursh (BMC Alumnus, La Universidad de las Artes Mexico, A.C., Querétaro, Qro. MEXICO)

LOCATION: Highsmith Room 221/222
Queer BMC
Session Chair: Jennifer Sorkin

(Lake) Eden and its Serpents: Martin Duberman's Black Mountain and Queer Historiography and Pedagogy
Jason Ezell (Lincoln Memorial University)

Beyond the New York Intellectual: Jewish Refugees and Homosexuals at Black Mountain College, N.C.
Wendy Fergusson (Director, Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery)
"Like a Girl:" Gendered Sexual Difference at Black Mountain College and the Development of Postmodernism
Jonathan Katz (SUNY Buffalo)

LOCATION: Highsmith Room 224 Query and Pursuit in Artistic Practice and Erudition

Session Chair: Valerie George

Artist’s Panel

Jeremiah Barber (Artist, Chicago)

Terry Berlier (Artist, Stanford)

Erica Gangsei (Artist, San Francisco)

Christy Gast (Artist, Miami)

Valerie George (Artist, University of West Florida)
LOCATION: Highsmith Grotto Performance

Poet’s Panel/Lucipo Poetics Group

Session Chair: Sebastian Matthews

Jeff Davis (Poet, Scholar)

Joseph Donahue (Duke)

Thomas Meyer (The Jargon Society)

David Need (Duke)

Ted Pope (Poet)

LUNCH BREAK 11:45-1:15
LOCATION: Highsmith Room 221/222 Josef Albers

Session Chair: Kate Dempsey
Connecting the Dots: Color Theory and the Black Mountain College Legacy
Marcia R. Cohen (SCAD)
What Josef Albers Taught at Black Mountain College, and What Black Mountain College Taught Albers
Frederick A. Horowitz (Washtenaw College)
Aesthetic Pragmatism: Josef Albers’ Pedagogical Innovations at Black Mountain College
Mindy Tan (Purdue)
LOCATION: Highsmith Room 224 Black Mountain Poets

Session Chair: Nicholas Boone

Robert Creeley’s Buffalo
David Landrey (Buffalo State College)
Brian Lampkin (East Carolina University)
Charles Olson and the Ethics of Parataxis
Douglas Duhaime (University of Wisconsin)
LOCATION: Highsmith Grotto Performance/Demonstration
Awakening the Creative Imagination: How Art, Science, and Action Converge on Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map
Mark Hanf & Marnie Muller

LOCATION: Highsmith Room 224 M.C. Richards

Session Chair: Mary Emma Harris

The Ruse of Medusa: Black Mountain College and the French Obsession
Louly Konz (Warren Wilson College)
A Woman Alone: Examining M.C. Richards’ Legacy
Jenni Sorkin (Yale)
Reflections on the Influence of M.C. Richards’ Pottery, Poetry and Philosophy on Contemporary Art and Craft Education
Courtney Lee Weida (Adelphi University)
LOCATION: Highsmith Room 221/222 BMC's Legacy
Session Chair: Grace Campbell

Aftereffects: Buckminster Fuller and the Legacy of Black Mountain College
Eva Diaz (Pratt Institute)
I’m…Nix That….WE'RE Starting a College
Richard Liston (Sphere College)
“Alone Together”: On Merce Cunningham and the Question of Black Mountain College’s Artistic Legacy
Kate Markoski (Johns Hopkins)
LOCATION: Highsmith Grotto John Cage
Session Chair: Natalie Farr

Embodying the Collective: Theatre Piece No. 1 and the Estheticization of Experience
Anastasia Rygle
Theatre Piece Number 2: The Unimpededness of Cage’s Theater Piece Number 1 and the Interpenetration of Black Mountain College
Philip Schuessler (Stony Brook) Composing by Chance: The Asian Factor in John Cage’s Aesthetics
Holly E. Martin (Appalachian State University)
LOCATION: Highsmith Room 224 BMC and Interdisciplinarity

Session Chair: Stephen Lane
Rauschenberg, Kline and Wolpe: Letters to Jack Tworkov, Black Mountain College and Beyond
Jason Andrew (Archivist and Curator, Estate of Jack Tworkov)

Restraining Subjectivity at Black Mountain College: Charles Olson and Cy Twombly’s Ecology of writing and Painting
Joshua S. Hoeynck (Washington University, St. Louis)
Interdisciplinarity: Black Mountain College’s Anomaly
Andrea Liu (Critic, NY)

LOCATION: Highsmith Room 221/222 Form and Content

Session Chair: Cynthia Canejo

Max Dehn: An Artist among Mathematicians and a Mathematician among Artists
David Peifer (UNC-Asheville)
Black Mountain, Modernism and Progressive Form
Patrick McHenry (University of Florida)
Black Mountain College: Form as the Creator of Content
Mary Emma Harris (Scholar, NY)
LOCATION: Highsmith Grotto Performance
The Polygons: a Performance
Vincent Wrenn (Artist, Asheville)
5:30-6:45 LOCATION: Highsmith Pinnacle
Reception Pieces of Random Light, an Interactive Collage
Caprice Hamlin-Krout (Artist, Asheville)

LOCATION: Highsmith Alumni Hall Welcome

Connie Bostic (Board Chair, Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center)

Jane Fernandes (Provost, UNC-Asheville)
Keynote Address

Dorothea Rockburne:"All of Nature is Written in Numbers" -Max Dehn

LOCATION: Highsmith Room 224 John Dewey

Session Chair: Brian Butler

'Education by Association': Dewey on Black Mountain College
Michael Kelly (UNC-Charlotte)
The Prospect of an Ideal Liberal Arts College Curriculum: Reconstructing the Dewey-Hutchins Debate
Shane Ralston (Penn State University, Hazleton)
How was ‘creativity’ defined at Black Mountain College?
Seymour Simmons (Winthrop University)

LOCATION: Highsmith Room 221/222 Political BMC

Session Chair: Jason Andrew
Between Realism and Abstraction: Rethinking the Shahn/Motherwell Debate
Ken Betsalel (UNC-Asheville)
“Before I refuse to take your questions, I have an opening statement,” John Chamberlain’s “American Tableau, 1984”and the Reagan War Machine”
Thomas M. Murphy (Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi)
Charles Olson’s Administrative Poetics: From the Office of War Information to Black Mountain College
Lisa Siraganian (Southern Methodist)
LOCATION: Owen TBA Workshop (From 9:00 to 12:00) Centering the Erotic Play of Paradox: Embodying the Legacy of M.C. Richards Through “Clay Color and Word”
Katherine McIver (Artist, Asheville)

LOCATION: Highsmith Room 221/222 Community

Session Chair: Louly Konz
The Role of the Black Mountain Review in Creating a Poetic Community
Rachel Stella (Critic, Paris)
Trains and Thinking: Evidence of a Collective Moment
Natalie M. Farr (College of Santa Fe)
Creating a Creative Community
Elizabeth Ross (Central Piedmont Community College)
LOCATION: Highsmith Room 224 Architecture and BMC
Session Chair: Douglas Duhaime

The Weaver and the Architect: Reconstructing the Modern Shelter
Kirsten Dahlquist (University of South Florida)
From Bauhaus to Black Mountain: constructus interruptus
John McClain (UNC-Asheville)

Tour of Black Mountain College’s Lake Eden Campus
Connie Bostic (BMCM + AC)
Alice Sebrell (BMCM + AC)

With help from BMC Alumnus
Michael Rumaker

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