Sunday, December 26, 2010

No Wordplay today ...

It snowed all day yesterday here in Asheville, giving us a White Christmas even Bing Crosby would have been very happy with, and it's snowing again as I write. While the city cleared some of the main roads last night, they must have been working, given the holiday, with limited crews. The roads in my neighborhood are passable only to four wheel drive vehicles, and I haven't had one of those for four or five years, so I won't be trekking to the station this evening.

I'd planned another show featuring recordings of Charles Olson (given that tomorrow is his hundred and first birthday) and Robert Creeley, Olson's friend and editor, discussing Olson and Black Mountain College, but it'll keep.

Meanwhile, have a great evening otherwise. The Laureate's snowed in with me, and we've got firewood, food, wine, and lots of books, so we'll have a good time, too.



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