Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Solstice, Summer

Today at 8:21 AM EDT the axial tilt of Earth that produces our seasons brought the Sun to its northern zenith, and so gave us Solstice, the point at which the Sun, Sol, appears to pause before it gradually retreats toward the south, bringing us once again autumn and winter, and Persephone returned once again to the depths of the Underworld. For now, though, She's here among us. It's been a moment to celebrate for millenia.

The folks at Jargon Books are celebrating this year with a Solstice page and a selection of the poems from NatureS as well as the photo of Joyce Blunk's "Weeping Garden" that I've uploaded here too. Tom Meyer's crafted elegant pages, as usual, so please do go feast your eyes.

It's a pleasure and an honor to be in such good company.

Happy Summer.

And Happy Birthday to my son Bryan, who turns twenty today somewhere in the vicinity of Barnaul, in the West Siberian Lowlands, just before he leaves for the Altai Mountains. I look forward to hearing someday before too long the stories he'll be able to tell of his travels. Take care, B.; I hope you're thriving.

Update 2:35 PM: The link to the solstice page is down at the moment, so I've linked directly to the selection from NatureS for now. I'll replace that link as soon as the Solstice Page is back online.

Update 6:55 PM: The link is now fixed.

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