Friday, December 29, 2006

A little houskeeping

New posts are in the works, but the desktop computer is still down, waiting for parts (such a computer geek, I decided to take the time to dig into hardware options that have been introduced - new buses, new types of i/o, not to mention new processors - since I built the last machine in 2003, rather than doing something quick, but more limiting), and the files I need are still on the drives in the old system. Until I get it rebuilt, I'll continue to do some light posting from the notebook, which is seeing much heavier duty than it's accustomed to - and holding up well, so far.

In the meantime, check out some of the blogs in the blogroll on the right (there's a short new post on last week's show on Dylan Thomas over on the WordPlay blog, Jonathan Mayhew has a new translation of some work by Antonio Gamoneda at Bemsha Swing ... there's no shortage of things to read, in other words. You could even (shudder) read a book to pass the winter days, if it's winter where you are - or, if it's summer for you, you lucky dog, go out and tend the garden, paint the house, go for a walk, and check back in the new year; you won't miss much here till then.


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