Friday, June 08, 2007

Bly coming to WordPlay

In late April poet Robert Bly came to UNCA for a reading that featured many of his translations of Kabir, Jiminez, Rilke, and others, as well as some of his own recent work. WordPlay*, of course, was there. Bly graciously gave us permission to record the reading, and this Sunday we hope you’ll join us to listen to this master at work. Tune in at 4:00 PM, or for the rebroadcasts Tuesday at 6:00 PM and Wednesday at 7:00 AM. The live signal is very low power (8 watts?), but the show will stream live over the net, and also be available all next week as streaming audio and podcast from the station's Archive page.

* All of us; Laura and I even sat in the front row.

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