Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NatureS: Joyce Blunk's Constructions

One of the great pleasures of putting NatureS together was getting to know Joyce Blunk and her work. While photographs of five of her constructions do grace the text, four of them are monochrome and therefore don't really convey particularly well the impact of the pieces featured. To celebrate the book's anniversary, here they are in color. Click on the images for (much) larger versions.

To the left, "Crown Conch," a detail of which became the basis for the cover of the book. It includes among its materials wood, paint, metal, plastic, and shells. It measures 17x27x6 inches.

The construction that appears on page 1, titled "Locust Pavillion," consists of wood, paint, metal, shells, paper, and seed pods, and measures 15x31x5 inches.

The piece on page 23, titled "Weeping Garden," is made of wood, paint, shells, glass, cloth, pods, and metal, and measures 15x26x5 inches.

The piece on page 47, titled "Deep Autumn, Asheville," is built of wood, paint, metal, shells, seed pods, and string.

The piece on page 73, titled "Nothing Left," constructed of wood, paint, wire, bones, and a teabag, measures 12x20x4.5 inches.

And here's a detail of "Nothing Left", just to give a closer looks at its intricacies:

Thanks again to Joyce for sharing them.

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