Saturday, March 29, 2008

This week on Wordplay ...

We'll be repeating last week's show with Jonathan Williams. We've repeated shows before, usually when something's gone haywire with the station's automatic archiving system, and the show hasn't uploaded properly to the server from which it streams and downloads. This week ... well, Sebastian's in Seattle, and I've been busy with Robert Bly's performance last night and workshop today, and at show time tomorrow, I'll be recording Kay Byer, North Carolina's Poet Laureate, at a reading at the Asheville Art Museum. So.

The show features Jonathan's May, 2005, reading from Jubilant Thicket at Sylva's City Lights Books, and it probably won't hurt anyone to hear it again. In fact, listen to those meta-fours again, and see if they aren't even better the second time around. The man could be subtle and very very dry, after all.

Production notes are just one post down.

The upside: we've got what looks to be a good recording of Bly's plugged-in performance with Free Planet Radio last night, and a half- hour interview from this very afternoon as well.

Back next week with a new show, promise.


Update, 31 March: And here's the new direct link for the show featuring Jonathan's reading. You can also get it by going to the station website, hitting the link for the Archive page, and cruising down through the alphabet to "Wordplay", if you'd like to get a glimpse at what else is shakin' at the Progressive Voice of the Mountains.

Update, 19 April, 2008: Jonathan's reading at City Lights is now archived at PennSound, here.

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