Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Coming up in Rapid River ...

March's soon-to-appear Rapid River will feature an article I've written on the upcoming Asheville performance of Robert Bly.

The late summer standoff over the magazine's poetry page has had a largely happy resolution. MaryJo Moore has taken over the poetry editorship, but I'll likely become a regular contributor once again.

There were a couple of vectors at work in the summer impasse that remained invisible from my vantage point - particularly, another person with a hand in editorial decisions made in the absence of editor Dennis Ray. That person, I'm told, has since hit the trail. There were apparently some missed or undelivered emails, and new email addresses, figuring in the mix, also. Oh, well. Dennis is much better, and that's all to the good, not only for him and his family, of course, but for Rapid River.

On we go ...

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