Friday, August 01, 2008

My Favorite Things

Some classic John Coltrane, from 1961:

In 1962 I started college at "the University," as it was then known - the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. That first year I lived in Craig dorm, at the time brand new, on South Campus; it took fifteen or twenty minutes to walk to campus for classes. Many a morning I'd whistle or hum Coltrane's part in this song, in something close to the arrangement Coltrane used on the 1960 album that shared the tune's name, on my way through the pine woods. No telling what I sounded like to my fellow students! I'd listened to the song so many times I felt I knew it inside out, and still always thrilled to its energy and its rich, complex explorations.

Thanks to Susan Weiand for the link.

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