Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter on the airwaves

For Easter's Wordplay I went to the vault* and brought up a vintage reading by Jonathan Williams from 1981. It was the year he published Get Hot or Get Out in merry old England, and the reading features a sequence of poems from that book that's grounded in the work of composer Charles Ives. Like too much of Jonathan's work, it hasn't, I believe, appeared in another collection since its first book publication.

The show also features part of a 2003 interview of Jonathan by Hillsborough poet (and Wordplay vet) Jeffery Beam for RainTaxi Review of Books. The transcription of the interview is still available on the RainTaxi site.

Music for the show includes some Ives, of course, and some tracks from Monk, Ralph Vaughn Williams, and British entertainer Mike Harding (his "Manuel" is pretty hilarious) that Jonathan enjoyed .

It's another Jargony treat. Tune in!**


*Actually, Thorns Craven's vault. Thorns was long-time treasurer of the Jargon Society, and graciously shared some of his tapes with me last fall. Thanks, Thorns.

** The link now works, so the file transferred properly to the archive server after today's rebroadcast.

Update 4/21/2009: Last spring's Wordplay show featuring Jonathan's 2005 reading from Jubilant Thicket is now up on the Wordplay ibiblio archive, here (.mp3 file).

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