Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wordplay: Scott ... er, make that Tim Peeler and Ted Pope

Last Sunday I'd planned to feature Hickory poets Scott Owens and Tim Peeler. The day before, though, Scott wrote to say that a family member who had been ill had taken a turn for the worse, so he couldn't make it. Tim was still good to go, though, so I headed off to the station looking forward to talking with him, and hearing what he'd been up to. When I got to the station, whom should I find at the door but Ted Pope! Tim had stopped off in Morganton and brought him along. Ted's a special one-of-a-kind energy vortex with a mythic imagination, and he brought some new work to share. And Tim read some of his fine poems from Checking Out. So, notwithstanding the serendipity involved, the show turned out just fine.

Check it all out.

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