Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thought for the day ...

Just a little mid-holiday cheer from the bizarre right, or yet another reason I don't read PajamasMedia. Mary Grabar, presented as "an English Ph.D" claims:
Marijuana . . .has always been counter-cultural in the West. Every toke symbolizes a thumb in the eye of Western values. So it follows that in order to maintain our culture, we need to criminalize this drug.
So there. But, er, isn't it still criminalized in most of the West? Sort of, at least? Whatever.

And the insidious effects of marijuana? Just as you feared:
Alcohol may fuel fights, but marijuana, as its advocates like to point out, makes the user mellow. The toker wants to make love, not war.
Funny, that's what Dr. Leary used to say. Almost makes me think some clever stoner has managed to spoof the wingnut worldview into fifteen minutes of fame. Well done, dude or dudette.

Via Mona, with thanks to Kevin

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