Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Howl at Fifty

Busy tonight finishing the final (I hope) copy editing of a book of poems that will appear early next year, but I wanted to post a quick note about a big event coming up at the Center. This fall marks the fiftieth anniversary of Allen Ginsberg's first reading of his poem "Howl" in San Francisco. It was a reading that electrified its audience and proved to be a tipping point of sorts in our country's cultural history, one that changed the fifties, and helped create the cultural transformation of the sixties and seventies. The evening will feature the usual fabulous crew of local poets and readers, and, as our very special guest, Boston poet Richard Cambridge. Richard's a long-time activist in addition to being a fine poet - winner of the Allen Ginsberg Prize, in fact. It should be a memorable evening.

More on all this in the weeks between now and then, but I did want to get something up now for those who plan their entertainment early. December 16, 8:00 PM at the Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center. This is not-to-miss.

And now back to our regularly scheduled copy-editing.

(Cross-posted with minor edits from Eden Hall)

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