Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Tangled Hangers

Andy Boyd provided a link to the Zero set at the Black Mountain Music Festival where I first caught Steve Kimock in the comments to my post on Steve Kimock: it's here.

And, he adds it was a "very fine Tangled Hangers indeed..."

Update: I've fixed the link; for some reason, Andy's brought up a "no such show" error for me. If you'd just like to download that "Tangled Hangers" (in the lossless flac format; others are available), the link for it is here.

It seems I wasn't the only one particularly moved by this Zero performance. Sawbuck, in the reviews of the show at Archive.org, says this:
My first live Zero show ... Steve's tone blew us all away! Tangled hangers was everything we had hoped for. Yes , It's true, Just like the dead it was everything we had heard on tapes (remember those) and more, it was the real deal. Tears rolled down my face.

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