Friday, March 24, 2006

More Translations by Tom Meyer

Hillsborough poet Jeffery Beam writes to note that Tom Meyer's translation of the Katha Upanishad is available on the Jargon Society website, and to pass along a reminder from John Martone that the I Ching is there also. I've just seen the Upanishad, but have enjoyed the translation of the I Ching for several years. Do check them out.

While you're there, there's also a good account of the Jargon project through the years by Jeffery. Elsewhere on the site (sorry, I can't locate it at the moment), there is (or perhaps was?) a wide-ranging interview with Jonathan Williams, Jargon's proprietor and author of the fine Jubilant Thicket and, of course, many other titles. Jeffery's got a new collection of poems, Gospel Earth, up at Longhouse Press.

Update: Jeffery's interview with Jonathan is here. Thanks, Tom.

The photo of Thomas Meyer is by Reuben Cox.
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