Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Back into the Light: Hazel Larsen Archer

The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center will be opening a show this later month of work by the photographer Hazel Larsen Archer, one of the (mostly) unseen lights of the college - until now. I'll have another post about her work and career up in a day or two, but wanted to post some instances of her way of seeing now.

The first is one of her "motion studies" of Merce Cunningham, which had Cunningham improvising dance-like movements a few feet away from her camera lens.

Here's a shot of the Black Mountain College campus, looking across the western edge of the lake toward the Studies Building:

Here's another dancer, Katherine Litz, dancing in the doorway to the Dining Hall:

And Charles Olson (center, with glasses) in a meeting. Olson was still in the early stages of his career as poet when he served as the last Rector of the college.

The show opens April 21st, simultaneously with the publication of the Center monograph on Archer's work, Hazel Larsen Archer / Black Mountain College Photographer, from which these images are drawn.

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Blogger Dana Stone said...

Beautiful webpage, Jeff. I visited the site of BMC this summer and spent time in the Studies building (Now called the ship by the camp staff there.)

7:04 PM  

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