Thursday, July 06, 2006

Updated: The Reading at Osondu ...

... starts early, at 6:00. I was uncertain myself, and so called them, since I figured I ought, you know, to be there for it. So it's 6:00.

No mention of the reading on Osondu's site, but, then, they don't seem to mention much there; I'd guess web presence isn't a focus for them.

The store is at 184 North Main Street in Waynesville, which sounds like it's right downtown. The store's telephone 828.456.8062, in case you need directions.

See some of you there, I hope.

Update: The reading really is at 6:00, since Osondu advertised it for that time. Unfortunately, the WNCW arts calendar and various other media have publicized it for 7:30, the time I originally had it scheduled for as well. Okay ... It's occasions like this one that persuaded me back in the 70s that there just might be something to astrology, even if it did drive my secular materialist friends into apoplectic states when I'd venture to talk about it. Mercury, you see, messenger of the gods, master of communication, just went retrograde; during his apparently backward motion, things he rules are likely to be a bit, shall we say, trouble prone. If you do come out tomorrow night, be a little more vigilant than otherwise on the road.

And if enough people show up at 7:30, what the hell, we'll have another reading.

Update 2: And I see my Blogiversary has rolled around, though that first post was mostly a matter of seeing if this Blogger thing worked. It did.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Please accept my apologies for the errors in the paper and not having the event posted on our web-site.
I could give several excuses but the truth is it was an oversight on my part.
Margaret Osondu

6:09 PM  

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