Thursday, September 21, 2006

WordPlay: Further Adventures

For the past few weeks I've been working with Laura Hope-Gill, Glenis Redmond, and Sebastian Matthews to bring the second season of WPVM's WordPlay, "the program by and about poets and writers ...", to the air each Sunday at 4:00. We've had some fun shows already, and we're just getting underway. Last week, poet Gary Lilley, who writes poems very much in the spirit of jazz, brought a band with him to the show. There were, if I remember correctly, seven folks in the studio (it's maybe 10'x10'), probably an all time record. It was a total hoot. Thanks to a malfunction of the station's automation system, you can still hear it in the station's Archive; just scroll down.

We've got a blog underway. We plan to use it to continue the discussions we have on the shows, to present some work by our guests, and ... well, who knows? There's not a whole lot there yet, but check it out.

The WPVM broadcast signal, for several reasons, including the fact that it was chartered as a "low power" station, is too weak to hear much of anywhere, but the station also streams on the web. I've heard some good radio there, regardless of the station's size. Check out the program schedule, if you want, or just dive in. It'll perk up your ears.

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