Monday, September 18, 2006


Folks finding their way here from the farflung crannies of the internet might find these archived articles of interest: a farewell tribute to Robert Creeley; articles on Tom Meyer's new translation of the daode jing here, here, and here; a Note on Jack Clarke, Charles Olson's friend and fellow poet; a post on visual artist Joyce Blunk's "Crown Conch"; an interview with Joyce; a post on poetry and computers; one on guitarist Steve Kimock; another farewell, this one to surrealist poet Ken Wainio; and a look at some of Novalis' fragments. There's more, posts on Fred Chappell and Jim Applewhite, Baby Beats, Thomas Rain Crowe, and Flarf. Over on Eden Hall, there are older posts about happenings at the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, including one on Hazel Larsen Archer and the book about her work the Center published this spring. There are several of her photos here.

Poke around. Enjoy yourself, and come back if you find things that interest you. Posting is at a slower pace than on blogs tied to the events of the day, but I hope the posts that do appear provide thoughtful reflection on their materials - and provide, sometimes at least, insights and intellectual surprises you'd be unlikely to find elsewhere.


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