Thursday, July 05, 2007

Warren Wilson Readings

Here's the schedule for Warren Wilson's summer session:

Readings (8:15 p.m. and in the Fellowship Hall behind the Warren Wilson College Chapel unless otherwise indicated)

July 5 - (8 p.m.) David Baker, Laura Hendrie, Mary Ruefle, Thomas Mallon.
July 6 - Murad Kalam, James Longenbach, Erin McGraw, Heather McHugh.
July 7 - Elizabeth Arnold, Pablo Medina, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, David Shields, C. Dale Young.
July 8 - (Canon Lounge) Stephen Dobyns, Adria Bernardi, Brooks Haxton, Grace Dane Mazur.
July 9 - C.J. Hribal, Ellen Bryant Voigt, T.M. McNally, Alan Williamson, Frederick Reiken.
July 11 - Karen Brennan, Joan Aleshire, David Haynes, Dean Young, Peter Turchi.
July 12 - Graduating student readings: Jean Hallingstad, Larissa Amir, Heather Maki, Edward Porter, Leslie Shipman.
July 13 - Graduating student readings: Natalie Baszile, Daniel Harris, Majka Burhardt, Karen Llagas, Janet Thornburg.
July 14 - (4:30 p.m., followed by Graduation Ceremony) Graduating student readings: Kathy Nguyen, Katie Bowler, Suzanne Wilsey, Ann Stanford.

Lectures (9:15 a.m. and in the Fellowship Hall unless otherwise indicated)
July 6 - (11:15 a.m.) Karen Brennan, “Beyond Accessibility.”
July 7 - (9:30 a.m.) Stephen Dobyns, “The Origin of Metaphor”; (10:45 a.m.) Frederick Reiken, “The Legacy of Anton Chekhov.”
July 8 - (Jensen Lecture Hall) Peter Turchi, “Puzzles, Mysteries, and other Problems; Or, Chekhov, Kasparov, Howard Garns, and You; Or, The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg.”
July 9 - David Baker, “Daring, Drama, and Melodrama.”
July 11 - Adria Bernardi, “Half-Day: The Nearly Unbearable Suspension.”
July 12 - Mary Ruefle, “On Secrets: Eight Beginnings, Two Ends.”
July 13 - James Longenbach, “Poem, Prose, Prose-Poem: Three Definitions.”
July 14 - (9:30 a.m.) C.J. Hribel, “Comic and Cosmic Distance.”
July 14 - (10:45 a.m.) Heather McHugh, “Ars Poetica.”

The readings and lectures, each lasting about one hour, are free and open to the public. For more details call the MFA office at (828) 771-3715.

As always, details are subject to change.

I'll try to catch Stephen Dobyns and Heather McHugh, but I must admit I don't know most of the other folks, or their work, so I'll probably pick a few at random when time permits and check them out.

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