Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another birthday for Robert Bly

And his birthday seems as good a time as any to mention that he'll be back in Asheville on the 28th of March, this time performing with the musicians of Free Planet Radio. This Asheville world fusion group includes bassist Eliot Wadopian (just now back from his annual Solstice performances with the Paul Winter Consort, the group with whom, I believe, he won the first of his Grammys), percussionist River Guerguerian, and multi-instrumentalist Chris Rosser.

Bly will be reading from his love poetry in this performance; the program's being titled "Awakened Heart: An Evening of Love Poetry and World Music". It'll be held at the acoustically splendid Diana Wortham Theater downtown.

Marshall's fascinating Prama Institute is once again sponsoring this springtime foray by Bly down from the northern plains, his home country, into the southern Smokies. The Institute brought him down this past spring for his first Asheville reading, which proved to be a fine event, indeed. We featured significant portions of it on Wordplay in June.

More, of course, as we approach the occasion.


Thanks to the Diana Wortham page for this event for the image.

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