Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Now on the Archive ...

Doing Wordplay, which consists, on one level, just of getting together to talk with a poet (or two or three) each Sunday for an hour, has often been a delight, even the high point of the week. And sometimes, when technical problems have whacked the show, it's also been frustrating. We've worked with WPVM's staff and our fellow volunteers at the station to resolve issues as they've come up, though, and things have indeed gotten better; we've upgraded some equipment and figured out workarounds for other issues.

One issue that we couldn't address at the station itself, given the storage capacity and bandwidth it would require, was our need for a permanent archive for past shows. After all, it's not like a reading by, say (just to pick a few whose files I've rounded up in the last few days), Jonathan Williams, Robert Bly, Ken Rumble, or Ross Gay merits attention for just a week.

Thanks to the good folks at Chapel Hill's ibiblio.org, though, we've now got that archive. We don't yet have an index page at ibiblio, but I'll post links here, and work towards creating a directory there down the road.

For now,
January's show featuring Ed Dorn's 1974 Buffalo reading of La Gran Apacheria is available from the new Wordplay Archive:

Ed Dorn, January 13, 2008.

More to come ...

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