Saturday, January 03, 2009

Wordplay this week: Robert B ... er, make that Glenis Redmond, Laura Hope-Gill, Sebastian Matthews, and Ryan Walsh

Ah, poets ... not the promptest people on the earth's face, are we? If you'd tuned into this week's Wordplay, you might have thought I'd just repeated last week's fine show with Robert Bly, and moved on.

True, this week's show does start off with about15 minutes of the show with Bly; I'd cued it up when none of my guests had appeared by airtime, and a few minutes later headed the half-block to Malaprops for a cup of coffee. Half way there, though, I saw Glenis Redmond heading in my direction, so I met her and we headed back to the station. A few steps on, Laura Hope-Gill shouted from her car that she'd be there as soon as she parked, and that Sebastian Matthews was on the way. By a quarter after we had gathered in the studio (and Sebastian came along a couple minutes later - and brought with him Ryan Walsh, who's now helping him edit Rivendell), and at the first break in the Bly show we went live, reading poems and talking over poetry, poets, the upcoming Wordfest, and the new plan for Rivendell for the rest of the hour. Turns out they'd all been to the same Kwanzaa party the night before, and had had a bit too much fun ...

Give it a listen.

And if you wanted to catch the Bly show, it's still available on the archive too, and it's worth catching.

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