Thursday, December 31, 2009

But wait, there's more: EPC adds more Robin Blaser

Charles Bernstein posted a note to the Buffalo Poetics list this week to let members know that the Electronic Poetry Center, one of the great resources for innovative twentieth and twenty-first century poetry, has added material to its page for Robin Blaser. And indeed it has. There's now a substantial selection of his poetry, diverse material gathered from the full range of his work, from the early Cups (1968), to the late "Great Companions" pieces on Dante and Robert Duncan. There's a link, too, to his "The Violets: Charles Olson and Alfred North Whitehead", from The Fire, Blaser's collected essays. All worth the deep immersion they require, especially if you're a poet.

Blaser left this plane & planet in May of this rapidly departing year (the EPC bio note seems to have been prepared in 2002, and does not yet mention his death); more here.

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