Monday, January 18, 2010

More flaws in Internet Explorer

The French and German governments have both now advised Internet Explorer users to switch to alternative web browsers, such as Firefox or Google Chrome. Microsoft has acknowledged that security flaws in the browser permitted the attempt last week to hack the email accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

Like many computer guys, I've been advising clients and friends to switch for years. It's amazing to me that Microsoft has left so many holes in IE, despite knowing of its flaws literally for years. I believe early on they actually saw its weaknesses as opportunities for novel types of web-based interaction; unfortunately for them, lots of folks had their own, not so benign, ideas about what those interactions might include.

(Just tangentially related to poetry, but presented as a public service.)



Anonymous renantech said...

Not only France and Germany will hate internet explorer but most other countries because of this problem. Sikat ang Pinoy

8:03 PM  

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