Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bill Knott's offer

Not many things in life are free, but Bill Knott, one of the essential poets of the second half of the last century, is determined that his poems will be numbered among them. At his new art blog, he makes a simple offer:
The bookcovers posted below are from a series of one-of-a-kind books, which I'm printing/stapling/et cet—

if you have a poetry venue (a reading series/MFA program/etc) where you can hand out these books free to those who might want them,

please email me with your particulars,

and I'll send you a box of books to give away—

p.s. if you are one of my facebook "friends" and would like to receive free one or some of these books, message me with your request/postal address—
If you qualify, I'd take him up on it. It's a good excuse to join FaceBook, right? Not that you needed one; you're probably already there.

Back when Bill had a poetry blog, he posted links to downloadable versions of his current collections, which usually combined both new and old work in arrangements that bore little relationship to those in his more formally published actual, you know, books. They offered fascinating glimpses into the correspondences he saw within the body of his work. I'm sure these will, too.

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Blogger knott said...

wondering if you got the books i mailed you?

was hoping you'd send me your selected in return

2:16 PM  

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