Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Now that's a reading ...

I'd like to have been present for: Gary Snyder reading Robert Creeley, as well as his own work. The occasion? Snyder was the recipient of this year's Robert Creeley Award. According to Carly Cassano,
Snyder read some of Creeley’s poems, and even granted his interpretation of one. His reading of his own work was extraordinary to witness, as the genuine hippies around me rocked their heads in an odd caustic, yet welcome remembrance.
Radio guy that I am (and former, at least, genuine hippy), I do hope someone recorded the event.


A tip of the old hat to Ron Silliman for the link.

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Blogger bonnarosy said...

Hi Jeff,

I don't think I sent you a note already, so I wanted to thank you for sharing my work on your blog. It was (and still is) an extremely pleasant thing to see!

I went to the Snyder reading with my landlord, poet Michael Pinto Franco, a Silliman reader, and found your post that way.

Have you found out if the reading was recorded?

,Carly Cassano

6:50 PM  

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