Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Olson's Maximus Too Much?

Maybe so! At least for the CD player in AshevilleFM's Studio A. It freaked out Sunday and cut short the first three tracks I tried to play from Olson's Maximus Poems. Fortunately, most of the material I'd intended to use for the show was available from the great PennSound website, so I was able to go online and stream the poems I'd programmed. Of course, I'd also planned to use three poems that weren't on PennSound, my own edits from Fred Wah's recording of the 1963 Vancouver Poetry Conference, but, thankfully, the CD player worked fine for them. Go figure.

The glitches did mean that I couldn't include the "Maximus From Dogtown IV" I had on the playlist, but I'll edit it in when I post the show to the WordPlay archive on ibiblio, along with the tracks the player truncated.

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