Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Coming Attractions: Hazel Larsen Archer

This afternoon I helped take down the show featuring the work of Joe Fiore and his students that's hung at the Center* since last fall. Over the next week, a new show will go up, one that features the photographic work of Hazel Larsen Archer. "Who?" you might ask. Indeed. Go read the post about Hazel and her work over at Eden Hall.

The show opens April 21st with a reception that will also introduce the Center's beautiful new monograph on Archer, Hazel Larsen Archer/Black Mountain College Photographer. The Center's done fascinating and attractive publications before, but for this one it definitely took its publications game up a few notches.

The evening before, the Asheville Art Museum will host a special symposium on the contemporary relevance of Black Mountain College. The speakers will be scholars Mary Emma Harris, Eva Diaz, and Gwen Robertson. Mary Emma presides over the Black Mountain College Project, which provides historical material on the college, information on some of its faculty and students, a few memoirs, and other resources. The afternoon of the Archer opening, she’ll lead a tour of the college campus, now Camp Rockmont; call the Center at 350-8484 for more information.


* The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, of course.

The photo by Hazel captures Hazel and her daughter Erika; date unknown. The print is by Alice Sebrell. There are additional photos by Hazel Larsen Archer, printed by Alice Sebrell, here.

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