Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gads! NatureS a "Notable Book"

Kay Byer, North Carolina's fine Poet Laureate, has selected NatureS as one of her "Notable Books" by North Carolina writers for the month of August. She's chosen a few poems that are also featured on the Jargon site, but also a couple of others not to be found there. Tom Meyer provides a kind introductory note, and the Arts Council's site wizards managed to include images of several of Joyce Blunk's magnificent constructions as well.

If you go to the page, though, you'll have to scroll down, because the top of the page features August's other Notable Book, Thomas Rain Crowe's Zoro's Field, which Kay asked me to introduce; I was more than happy to oblige.

Zoro's Field has won other recognition in tha last few months, as well. Thomas was awarded the 2006 Philip D. Reed Award from the Southern Environmental Law Center for it. The award, given annually for "outstanding writing on the southern environment, seeks to enhance public awareness of the richness and vulnerability of the region’s natural heritage."

Earlier this year, he won the Ragan Old State Award given by the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association for the best book of nonfiction about North Carolina.

Zoro's Field heads to paperback and, hopefully, even more recognition this fall. Details here.

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