Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Curious sightings in Sylva ...

Thomas Rain Crowe wrote last Wednesday:
the Jackson Co. grapevine has been working overtime and....the word has reached Tuckasegee that you were downtown around noon today with a "beautiful tall blonde woman" and looking very happy--as in having a good time. Then someone I know ran into Kay Byer at Ingles, who proceeded to tell the tale of Jeff Davis and his new girlfriend who, oddly, has the same initials as our new poet laureate. Hmmm... I said to myself. That explains the request for the jakoosi and the upscale B&B and a good restaurant. So, are you keeping secrets from your poet-friends? You ole dog, you.

Well, arf; for now, though, I'm sworn to secrecy - the Jackson County grapevine, though, is impressive. More soon.

Update 29 January, 2010: Edited to remove a small elision required by the need for secrecy at the time of the original post.

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