Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Programming will resume ...

eventually. Speaking of Olson, I've been spending lots of time with his work, published and unpublished, as I pull together my presentation concerning his curricular projects for the upcoming Charles Olson Centenary Conference in Vancouver. Some of the work may appear here - heck, no doubt it will, at some point. But, for now, if things remain quiet here at Natures, know that I'm at work delving into the pages (and pages and pages) this still under-appreciated poet left us.

And if you're feeling restless and need to take a trip, come on to Vancouver for the first weekend in June. It's a great city, one of the most habitable it's been my pleasure to spend time in, and there's no better way to take on Olson than by immersing yourself for three days in his work.

And now back to Mr. O's "Primordia" ...


Photo from the old Looking for Oneself site, which was devoted to Olson's work and featured material from the Minutes of the Charles Olson Society published since 1993 by Ralph Maud. It seems to be gone. If anyone knows what happened to it, do drop me a note or leave a comment.

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