Friday, October 13, 2006

A Creeley Appreciation

Ron Silliman has a nice appreciation of Robert Creeley's work up over at his blog today. Its ostensible occasion seems to be the publication of the second volume of Creeley's Collected Poems, but I notice it also coincides with the On Words conference in Buffalo devoted to Creeley and his work. I hope the snow storm that's hammered the Buffalo area doesn't slow things up too much. The news it had hit, though, made me remember those rough Buffalo winters - and smile as I look out my window at the still green leaves on the maple and hickory.

There is one small error in Ron's post, though: he says that On Earth, Bob's last book, was already "in production" at the University of California Press when he died. His wife, Penelope, actually found the poems in a folder on his desk in Marfa, Texas, after he'd passed on, and prepared them for publication. Just for the record.

The photo of Creeley is by Gloria Graham.

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